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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Laser Cutting Machine
CNC Drilling Machine (High Speed)
CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine

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CNC Plasma/Gas Cutting Machine-FSC Model
1 Dual drive 2 Cutting table not included 3 Used for larger-scale or heavier work 4 Gantry-style cutting machines can be extendable by 3m lengths to any length required by the client 5 All machines include remote-control functionality for operator mobility 6 Can be fitted with plasma and/or o
Auto Cutting Head
Function of auto beveling head ( can cut K, V, Y, X) 1.Quick response - high rpm of circulation axis and angle axis 2.High accuracy - servo control of these axis 2-1.Circulation axis = +/- 720 degree,accuracy 0.1 degree 2-2.Angle axis = +/- 90 degree,accuracy 0.1 degree 2-3.Z up/down axis,acc
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
1.      Standalone unit2.      Cutting table not included3.      Single drive4.      Economical option

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Asia Machine Group is a manufacturer of high-quality, durable, and affordable CNC Cutting and Drilling Machines. Our products can be custom made to any size needed, from small standalone units to large extendable units that can be built up to 12m wide. Since 1987, AMG has installed over 3,000 units in over 17 countries worldwide.

We believe that a product’s quality is the testament to the trustworthiness and future of the company, and is the foundation for building strong relationships with our partners and clients.

Please contact us with all inquiries, even if your specific need is not mentioned on our website. We specialize in custom machines and configurations. We also provide OEM services upon request.